Bad Mimi Bad!

Okay I didn’t post yesterday. To make up for the day I missed I will post multiple posts.

There’s a lot going on in my head right now as I don’t even know where to start .

I may have the following recurring categories up:

  1. Evil mimi—what mimi wishes she could do but can’t (get away with) VS. what mimi actually did
  2. Don’t date him, gurl! —a list and reasons NOT to date some of the scumbags of the earth based on their prospective careers
  3. porn premises
  4. cities that should be nuked
  5. Slave in Exchange…
  6. Travel
  7. Failing to get back into school…HARD!

I will refrain from pop culture because those will be easily dated and I should try not to expend so much energy on those. Plus what if I am not able to afford to burn the bridges making fun of said pop culture iconocalsts–actors, singers, models, celebs, should any of them stumble on this blog? Especially if it’s the career and city I someday hope to work.

Failing to get back into school is going to be my most heart wrenching expose. You wouldn’t believe the sh!t I’ve gone through, what I’m going through now, and the battles I continue to face in an attempt to find a job to pay off housing fee holds to get back into film school. The attempts to find living arrangement couch surfing or room-sharing, the psychotic freaks who answer my craigslist ads, the stalkers, the annoyingly indecisive sane ones who take their ever loving time sharing their hesitancy to start an arrangement, etc.

Porn premises should be the easiest most funnest (if that’s even a word) one. I’m just going to write about (or ask if) whether certain porn premises exist yet. If not, well there’s a free idea people. If you like it… hire me to work for your studio now. I need a job! (No, no, not as a porn star, but as someone who comes up with the brainstorming, the filming, the lighting, the scouting location, the casting call, whatever!) I’d do anything. I’m at the end of my pitiful rope!



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