In the beginning

I wish to study film, writing, t.v./film writing. My parents want(ed) me to be a doctor. I dropped out of med school to pursue screenwriting. Fast forward past a bajillion loans and another school, another major in another city and I’m in an expensive residential hall in Chicago. Big mistake! If only I knew about Craigslist, couch-surfing and off-campus living back then, I wouldn’t be in the predicament that I’m in.

unable to pay for the residence fees, I am forced to leave the school. I’m on Dean’s List, but it’s no matter to the financial office. Pay Up or Get out!

So I go back home to TX. Then I think up a plan to go back to Chicago–this time find a job, save and get back into school. God damn it by my age I should have already had a master degree by now or at least be working my way up in Hollywood as a personal assistant or a casting director by now. It kills me!

I should already be shopping scripts around. I should already be working on pitches now, or shooting a pilot now. But alas, I’m not. I’m not even at square one, I’m at negative 4 right now. So long as there’s no degree, I’m nothing.

So by 2016 my plan to go back to Chicago is in action. By February I create a Craigslist post asking for volunteers to house me in a room/share section of the site. I get multiple answers. I Skype with one guy Kevin who agrees to house me. We Skype for weeks and weeks until I’m confident enough to buy a ticket in May.

A few weeks afterwards, in March he tells me he met someone, a female whose boyfriend left her–packed up all his stuff out, allowed his lease to run out, and allowed another family to move in much to his EX girlfriend’s horror/ surprise. The now ex is a woman in distress who Kevin takes in. She moves into the room Kevin was going to give me. Kevin fails to tell this new roomie about me and my pending visit. Kevin says don’t worry, the basement will be available to you. We continue to Skype, I continue to pack. I make arrangements to sell my car–that fails (I’m in major city TX and my average car with over 100K miles will not be selling as fast as it would in podunk town in a buttfuck state.)

24 hours before I’m to get on a plane to come to Chicago, I remind Kevin “see you tomorrow, remember I’ll be at Midway by midnight.” 12 hours  later, my cell phone’s wifi signal is wonky and I don’t get a single goddamn message from Kevin. But Kevin messaged me on Skype. “can we talk” “hey call me back” “will you pick up my call already?!”

After packing (rolling my clothes are WAY better than folding, by the way) I finally receive his messages. I’m getting worried. These messages don’t sound like the normal optimistic Kevin I know. I message him back “you’ve not changed your mind, have you?” no response for hours.

I’m at the airport and I get an answer back finally “yes, I have.” I’m crushed. WTF am I supposed to do now? Turn back? My ride to the airport just left. I spent all day trying to pack and repack so I don’t have to pay the excess baggage fees. Apparently Kevin’s new roomie convinced him that I’m a stranger he doesn’t know and therefore shouldn’t trust. He trusted her ass didn’t he? Piece of shit. Kevin if you’re out there, remember I still have your goddamn address. Noticed how nothing has happened to you. And I’M NOT TO BE TRUSTED ? Whoever the bitch is, I can always go see who she is as I’m still in the IL area. I want to know who this rejected CUNT think she is?

Thankfully I have enacted a plan B–COUCHSURFING! A few guys were okay with housing me for a week. I told them the truth–I was there for an interview. and I was. An interview for Geeks who Drink pub trivia host. It only pays $50 a day, but it’s something. Plus it’s so fun. I didn’t get it, but I would’ve regretted not getting on the plane and not trying either way. It was wonderful but it was only for a week. I had 7 days to find another home or else it all would have been in vain.

Enter Craigslist again. Yes, I am crazy as I have gone back to the very source of pain. I had an urgent ad up about how I was stranded and a slew of people responded. Unfortunately my outlook mail was full. And I didn’t receive any mail until I deleted some of my previous and unwanted mail late at the 11th hour.

It was raining hard. There was this guy who alleged he worked at a horse farm in downer’s grove or something that said he would pick me up from couch surfing dude’s apartment. He flaked. Never answered back.

Then there was Nick the Fox Lake Guy. Dude, I swear if he posted more than just the neck up I wouldn’t have even responded. I have been burnt before and a lot of fatty McFat fats have only posted a pic from neck up. I stupidly agreed to be picked up by him. I FaceTimed him and saw his face==very much fatter than his picture led me to believe. But by then it was too late. I was stranded anyway, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Oh GOD WHY DO YOU HATE ME? The words I will echo, silently screaming in my head for months to come.

And then there was FOX LAKE…

To be continued….


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