Swiss Miss(tress)

Just curious. Hypothetically speaking, if a businessman offers you 300 Euros to give him what he’s missing at home, Drives from Geneva to Lausanne (the lengths men go for sex is incredible) to pick you up with a rose in toe, takes you to a fancy hotel, cuddles with you, puts on a condom but comes before he’s anywhere close to being inside you…and still pays you…

Does that make you a whore? Again, hypothetically speaking.

Should 1 be flattered or insulted?  Flattered that he cares about sexual health to put on a condom. Insulted that one would put on a condom like you’re diseased or extremely fertile. Insulted that there was no sex involved? Flattered that there was no sex involved for completion?

It’s legal over there anyways, no? When in Rome…do as the romans. When in Amsterdam…do the prostitutes. When in Switzerland…get as many euros as you can even if it’s to watch him masturbate in his hand.


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