PP #2: Pow right in the sniffer

It’s called Hipster Porn. Yes, Hipster Porn. Wouldn’t it be ironic if there was a porn that featured a different sized penis in a different orifice? Thanks to New Girl Season 4 episode you don’t really want to know–Micropenis fascination has been on the “rise” in a new poll–Lickmypoll(dot)com.

Seriously guys, porn studio people get on this. No, there’s no such thing as lickmypoll(dot)org or .com(e) or whatever, but it is an idea you should definitely tap into. I know you guys are running out of ideas, so…you’re welcome?

The Japanese and the Germans are some sick motherfuckers, literally–probably are dominating the market on actual mother fucking, not in the milf category, I’m talking in the Oedipal edibles category. But back to micropenis-nasal porn. Wouldn’t it be refreshing? The Americans should get on this first, but I believe the guys who fought on the wrong side of the war will beat us to the punch–pow, right in the sniffer.

On a related note…Wouldn’t it be interesting if the neti pot infomercials were blurred out for fear of giving the children any ideas?


They don’t demonstrate douching or enemas in infomercials, do they?


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