Nick likes fingers up his ass, but “Don’t tell Anyone”

He told me to do it quickly, just 2 seconds and he’ll never ask me to do it again. Unfortunately, he was so fat, I couldn’t even find his asshole. In my head I’m screaming over and over again “Seriously God, Why do you fucking hate me?”

He turned over to assume the position and it didn’t help at all. Imagine the fattest person you’ve ever seen naked, and then triple that size. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find something so foul. It’s torture. He didn’t even allow me to wear gloves. In my head I’m really contemplating, how badly do I want to go back to school? Is this what it all boils down to? Woe is me. Is this how far I’ve come–not far at all, only to go back now–is it all in vain?

In the car drive up to his place for the first time that night he told me about his anal fixations. I told him I wasn’t into that. He told me someone else is occupying the guest room (more on this later) and he’d appreciate it if I didn’t go telling everyone he likes fingers, vibrators, etc up his ass. Much later, he would let it slip to a friend of his how I gave him a blow job. I don’t like kissing and telling and anyone who knows me in real life knows that one’s sex life is nobody else’s business. However, I HATE HYPOCRITES. Absolutely despise them. So you can brag about sexual conquests to people I don’t know, but have the audacity to tell me to keep quiet about certain things you want to keep private? HELL NO!

I would call out Nick and his last name too just to spite him, but I know you’re going to look for the Chris Farley of Fox Lake and see what I’m most embarrassed about. It will only embarrass me more, though I know it will embarrass him too. If he wants to come forward and identify himself, he’ll definitely be outing himself as someone who likes to receive anal sex–that’s what he wants to keep private, so…fuck him!

He told me to use the brown vibrating stick with globular knobs in his drawer. He wanted me to insert it inside him past the 3rd knob. Grotesque!

If he was a man of decent weight proportions it would have all been over with in seconds, seconds! Instead I’m well over 4 minutes in disgustingly warm flabs trying to find his…bull’s eye. Gosh. Long are the days  when men were into stimulating  one-eye monsters and ONLY their one-eye monsters.

Remembering he is well over 40, I said “well you must really love prostate checks, huh?”and he retorted, “no he’s an asian fucker whose fingers feel like thumbs.” He says of his doctor that he really wants to “punch him in the face sometimes.” I then ask what every woman, and some men (okay most men) wonder about men who love it up their ass–Have you ever experimented with men?

He is insulted by this question. Typical butch asshole who likes things up his asshole, BUT(t) only if it belongs to a woman or inanimate object…inanimate object that vibrates from time to time (so not really inanimate after all).


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