Fat Hypocrisy Amongst Men


An hour glass figure is curvy
A blob is a blob is a blob. 
Fat is not curvy. Although fat can be a blob.

I know too many fat men who look at other women, who are less fatter than they are and comment “cow.” One even cringed while watching one of these “cows” get fingered in HBO’s True Detective. All the other fit women were buck naked, but this one was clothed while being pleasured and it got a physical response of repulsion. The double standard is revolting. IF it makes you cringe that much then why don’t you ever look in the mirror and say the same thing and then do something about it?

Once Howard Stern said a long long long time ago how chubby chasers– people who like extremely obese lovers–are “sick” circa 1992. Of course he is in a position today where he cannot say this or would apologize and say he doesn’t really feel that way. But look at how lanky he and his wife are, oh trust me– he still believes it. But we’re moving towards a time where the politically correct thing is to not say anything about it…at all unless it’s spun in a positive light. I’d have more respect for Howard if he didn’t renege, but there’s a lot of money at stake.

There are men who pay for women to eat on live cams. I should really look into that. Unfortunately only thin asian women and fat white woman are cornering the market. I wouldn’t stand a chance.


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