Don’t Date (EX/active duty) Military

The constant need to be reminded of and thanked for their service is exhausting.

Unless you’re really desperate to take advantage of military discounts, benefits and/or would like the opportunity for a long-distance relationship akin to a conjugal fuck, then don’t date and ex or active duty military.

They are all mostly psychos. PTSD probability alone is above 51 percent of those who have seen carnage. A lot of them who haven’t even been on the front lines or seen any action besides being a cook or an IT guy or whatever else, those who haven’t witnessed any casualties of war or what have you, will still like you to believe their delusions of grandeur: how important they are that they serve(d).

The narcissistic God-complex, will it ever end?

Oh and if anything should happen like sexual assault, groping you in public against your will after you told him you’re not into pda, or taking risqué photos of you upskirt or downshirt without permission while you’re distracted, he will most definitely get away with it based on his connections, ESPECIALLY if he’s higher in ranking. The higher the ranking the more difficult it is to prove your case that that bastard is no saint.

Simply put, if I care about you, I recommend you not date a military guy. If I don’t care about you, and that’s the lot of you, feel free to do as you please. You’re not going to listen to me anyways. I’m nothing but a nobody civilian.


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