Hypocritical White hetero males and the R word.

This white male is not black but uses the N-WORD,  not female but uses the C-WORD, not gay but uses the word F-gg-t, has an autistic grandchild and NOW all of a sudden it’s bad to use the word RETARD? Big surprise.

I’m a strong believer in my 1st amendment rights. If you’re against one of the big no-no curse words, you should be against ALL of them. If you use one of them, FUCK YOU for telling me I can’t use the others! Hypocrite. Plain and simple. You are a hypocrite.

This guy who will yet to be named and called out in a future post suffers from small man syndrome. Extremely narcissistic, always telling you how much awards he’s won and how good a cook he is and all the things he can afford. If he asks you how do you like his meatballs…goddamn you if you don’t say “fucking awesome” Ugh. Enough!


This guy is a landlord so he will be nicknamed “Napoleon.” Stay tuned for more posts will reveal his true colors–and true name. Just let me get to a safe place first before he finds this post.

Believe it or not he is not the 1st narcissist I’ve dealt with in the past couple of months. I will tell you about Crazy Calumet Guy. Quite a character I regret crossing paths with. Crazy Calumet guy uses all 4 of the aforementioned words but god forbid you take the lord’s name in vain. Aw Jeez. God, if you even exist, kill him already please? Goddamn it!







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