Aww, Sweet, Sweet Karma

Karma is a Bitch named… well who cares what her name is, just read. I’m going to skip a few chapters in my FTGBISH series yet again because this is recent and just too juicy not to post.

after weeks and weeks if not months of talking, after a failed U-Haul assessment test, I still believed I had a place to stay that fateful May


panic. confusion. Lots of spelling errors. Too shocked to Correct him!


“She” is the “roommate bitch” who he took in AFTER agreeing to house me
name of school is redacted, I think you know which one it is though


and fast forward to November with this asshole answering yet another ad that I placed. THE AUDACITY! I wrote back “aren’t you already housing someone? Last I heard you stood someone up at Midway last May”

Gosh this guy’s grammar sucks ass, it’s annoying. Naturally he’s not in an intellectual line of work–blue collar.
Aww, sweet sweet karma. If “she” ever really did exist then he got what he deserved! That’s what you get for trusting someone else over me. That’s what you get!

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